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Re: Cadillac Ride'n'Drive...

>In order to prevent people from getting in over their heads, Cadillac had a
>few members of the Cadillac/LaSalle club on hand to accompany us around the
>courses.  I was looking forward to thrashing on an STS but after seeing the
>driver in front of me pull off the course after attacking a quick series of
>corners so the "instructor" could puke out the door (honest!), I decided to
>cool it and cruise around like everyone else.  I wonder if STEADIRIC and/or
>PDQSHIP have ever had this happen to them?  ;^)

I once had the "Lady saleperson from hell" try drive us through a 
"Occupied" Porta'a'Potty Found out that the handbrake in the Acura 
Legened is also plumbed into the ABS!!  After we got out of the car she 
gave me a HUGE hug and thanked for for not yelling at her like her 
Ex-Husband Would Have......  I now understand why he's the Ex!!!  At 
every Event that I have done for the various mfg's there is at least 1 
and usually alot more that "Think" that they know it all, Hence the name 
"Danger Ranger"  But little do they know...... hehehhe!!


Eric Fletcher