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Re: Here in Omaha

On 31 Jan 96 at 0:25, Psychos 'R Us wrote:

> He may have enough things in the trunk/boot to build a scrtach engine, 
> but the weather here in Omaha is not something you want to get in touch 
> with. Personally I wouldn't stay in my closed garadge for 10 minutes.
> News Flash: the temperature in the "Big 'O'" will warm up on Sunday, and 
> may even hit the 15 degrees mark. I 'sppose Scoot will have to work on 
> his PDQSHIP on Sunday, eh?
> At least SoMeOnE now will believe the weather I'm sitting and groaning
> through for several weeks (we had 4 snow storm in just last week and a 
> half). (: Not to mention that that particular someeone may also 
> experience the horribleness of the local Audi dealership...
You're not alone.  Here in mid-Michigan the high temperatures have 
been in the single digits all week, and we'll be lucky to break 1 F 
this weekend.  Not much fresh snow, but plenty of ice.  I get to work 
on both cars in my gravel-and-ice parking lot...  <groan>

The local Audi dealer (local is a relative term) is Autohaus in 
Saginaw.  Their service department has been borderline arrogant when 
I've asked them for advice, so they've never touched my car.  They 
may or may not be competent.  The parts department (apparently 
consists of one man) however is professional, knowledgable, and nice 
enough, if expensive (as any car dealer is, IMO).  Their hours, 
though, SUCK (pardon me) - Mon. ? 'til 8pm, Tue-Fri ? 'til 5pm, closed 
weekends.  Since I work 'til 5:30, Mondays often mean getting home an 
hour later than usual.  There is a VW dealer in my town (Thelen of 
Bay City) that I'll have to investigate...  There is an excellent 
independent garage in Bay City - European Sports Cars.  It seems to 
be a one-man operation (he SAYS he's got a helper, but...).  He's 
very knowledgable about Audis (though he seems to "major" in British 
cars) and downright cheap.  He'll scour the junkyards for you, if 
that's what you want, and he ALWAYS seems to work late (just call 
ahead to be sure he'll be there).  And he's always got a bunch of 
interesting cars around the shop - last time I was there he was in 
the middle of rebuilding a Princess limousine...

If there's any interest, I'd be glad to post addresses and phone 
numbers for these businesses.

Keep warm!


   '85 Audi 5ks   '72 Suzuki GT380
   '85 El Camino  '73 Suzuki GT550 in pieces

    in beautiful Bay City, Michigan