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Re: I'm upset.

On  2 Feb 96 at 11:13, Eric Schumacher wrote:

> I get kind of irked when people want 200, 300, 400 bhp in a mass
> production car, then only use a small fraction of the power, but still get
> poorer gas mileage than the 130 bhp engined car they really need.  For
> instance, the europeans get the 125 bhp 4cyl, 150 turbo 4cyl or 150 cyl v6
> on their A4's (most of them).  My father drove the 125 bhp A4 to 120 a few
> months ago in Germany.  Said it was not underpowered and felt "anchored." 
> Now the US mags say the 172 bhp V6 doesn't cut it.  What a crock!!!!

Hmm...  My second car was a little '76 Chevy Monza with a 400ci V8.  
Aside from the engine, the car was a piece of crap (and I don't know 
how much HP it actually produced), but I can't help but miss that.  
The Audi is the most solid-feeling and technologically advanced car 
I've owned, and it's very satisfying, but I'd still like the brute 
force power of that Monza.  I may have never run it at top speed, or 
taken it to the drag strip, but breaking the tires loose whenever I 
wanted (adolescent, I know) or effortlessly passing anyone on the 
highway was immensely fun.  I don't, however, miss unbolting the 
engine mounts so I could change spark plugs...


   '85 Audi 5ks   '72 Suzuki GT380
   '85 El Camino  '73 Suzuki GT550 in pieces

    in beautiful Bay City, Michigan