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Re: S4 Stealth-izing (was: Rebadging... (I think!))

At 09:25 PM 02.03.96 -0500, Nivi@aol.com wrote:

>I will take delivery of a 1993 S4 on Friday, and I would like to make the car
>look as a "normal" 100 series sedan...Here are a few of my potential plans:

understandable--OTOH, the S4 is somewhat muted in appearance to begin
with...why go through all the effort?


>- Called up Tire Rack today to inquire about steel rims - they offer 15 by 7
>inch rims, and recommend a 215/60/15 on those rims. I asked for GT+4's (which

now the big WHY:  IMO, you're significantly under-tiring a large, heavy car
originally designed for 225/50-16s.  Plus, if i'm not mistaken, the stock
alloys are forged alloys which will be somewhat lighter than steel
rims--don't know about the total weight difference.  If you drive like my
Dad does now (let's just say i had a role model for my current driving
style) then that's fine, otherwise keep your original size.

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