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Audi Book

I received a very nice book from Audi USA.  It is "A History of Progress" and
chronicles Audi AG through 1992.  It is beautifully done with many B&W photos
on glossy stock. It covers Audi history and was printed in Germany by Audi AG
public relations (85045 Ingolstadt, Germany, Telephone (+) 841-89-0, FAX (+)
841-89-1148.  The copyright is 1993, and says that 90,000 copies were
printed.  I got it simply by asking for a copy.  (I think that buying a new
A6Q within the last six months helped qualify me.)  I don't think it is for
sale, but is instead a vanity publication for the company.

Anyway, it is very nice and does make me feel that Audi USA is interested in
me as a customer.  There was even a very nice note inside.  Gee, Dodge didn't
do that when I bought a truck from them.  Of course, the Audi cost 300%

- Carl