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Quattro Club USA vs. Quattro Club NW

Fellow Audians; Members of the Northwest Region of QC-USA were recently asked to 
vote as to whether our region should succeed from QC-USA or not. Letters between 
both groups were enclosed with the ballot but, quite frankly, I still feel as 
though I do not know enough about the issues, pros and cons, to make an informed 
descision. To those of you who know more about this issue, I would greatly 
appreciate "your take" on this topic and I really would like to hear from BOTH 
SIDES. I do not think it is appropriate to air "dirty laundry" in public so this 
list is not the place to do it, so if you would send your responses to me, 
instead of the list, I'm sure everyone would appreciate it. If anyone else wants 
to know what the responses were/are, let me know and I will forward them to you. 
Thanks for your help. Eastern Washington broke a 103 yr record last week - 24 
degrees below zero. It was 12 below as I drove to work. My 200 TQW was totally 
unimpressed. It started right up, albeit a little more slowly than usual, and 
off we went. GREAT CARS these Audis. Greg.