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Thank you. And now...

     First of all let me please thank Ti and Eric Fletcher for their responses
to my "structure" question.  Now comes one that is much more subjective, thus
probably a lot more difficult to answer, but I'll take any contributions.
Here's what I need.  A four door car with room for three in the back that gets
good mileage and handles well, not like a living room sofa.  By good mileage, I
would say somewhere around 25 mpg highway or better, not a whole lot of city or
suburban driving is really in the picture here, I would say a minimum 20 mpg for
"in town, suburban type driving.  And, by three in the back seat, I mean two
adults (apx. 5'10", 180lbs., 5'3" 120lbs. and the third would be a baby seat for
now.  So, it doesn't have to be a step-van, but I don't want everyone to be
crushed, either.  I really like what I've read about the 4000CS but am afraid it
might be a little on the small side.  Are the turbo models reliable?  Once had a
Dodge Lancer ES whose turbo died on me a little after the 50,000 mile warranty
ran out.  Oh, well.  
     Oh, and what do the suffix letters mean in the model's description?  Like
5000C,S,T etc.?  Is it like BMW or MB where it might be coupe, sports, light, or
L for long wheelbase, T for turbo, etc.?  Thanks all very much, I might have an
impossible task here.  I thought that the E28 BMW 5ers would be good, and with
less mileage on them now I guess they would be, but I drove a 535i, and was
appalled at the distance in gear throws.  Lots of the E28's have over 100,000
miles on them, and although they might be ok, I've heard a lot of horror stories
and I don't want to purposely BUY any trouble.  Sorry for the b/w.  I'll sit
back and listen now.  Thanks again.

Tom Reynolds
Hereford, AZ