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Re: Quattro Club USA vs. Quattro Club NW

> descision. To those of you who know more about this issue, I would greatly 
> appreciate "your take" on this topic and I really would like to hear from BOTH 
> SIDES. I do not think it is appropriate to air "dirty laundry" in public so this 
> list is not the place to do it, so if you would send your responses to me, 
> instead of the list, I'm sure everyone would appreciate it. If anyone else wants 
> to know what the responses were/are, let me know and I will forward them to you. 

Actually, since the QCUSA is one of the only organizations now available to Audi 
fans, there probably are some folks on the list that would like to know more.  It
is a difficult issue, and I would imagine that it primarily comes down to the 
value that QCUSA provides to its members, and the expectations that QCUSA head-
quarters has about what regional chapters will bring.  If QCUSA expects the chap-
ters to be another source of income for QCUSA, they probably have another thing 
coming.  I'm not up on the details of the events with respect to the Northwest
Chapter, and in my dealings with HQ I have found that they are willing to nego-

I don't want this list to get bogged down in rumor and innuendo about QCUSA, but
I'd like to hear more of the facts.  Greg, I'd appreciate hearing what response
you get, as well as any other factual information that anyone else has.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)