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Re: Crap & Drivel (tm) Station Wagon Review

Not wishing to drag out the C&D discussion, but we need clarification here.

Brett said:
> Consider this for a fact: the 850 Turbo has MSRP of about 25k-30k.  The
> Audi, as you say, is in the "40k range".  Ah, the Volvo has at least a
> 10-15k advantage over the Audi.

This is NOT a fact. The normally aspirated 850 wagon (automatic) has an 
MSRP of about $28K.

The 850 Turbo wagon has an INVOICE cost of about $31K and an MSRP
of about $34.5K. Add Climate Control and Power Drivers seat to bring
it to about the same level as an A6 and you have an MSRP of about $35.5K.
Add Traction Control and you are over $36K.

The A6Q wagon has an invoice of about $31K and MSRP of about $36K.

So there is very little price difference, and I think you could probably 
get a bigger discount on an A6Q than on a 850 Turbo right now.

The 850T is certainly fast, and the A6Q is certainly slow. Maybe if 
Audi had a 1996 A6Q with 5speed stick it might perform better. But why
should they bother when only 5% (I believe) of A6s sold with stick in 1995.

But the 850 doesn't come close to the A6 (or A4) in build quality.
And it doesn't have Quattro.

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