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Re: consumer reports

At 01:06 AM 2/3/96 -0600, you wrote:
>the latest edition of consumer reports has a review comparing the 
>infiniti i30, audi a4, and acura 2.5tl.  they rated the i30 on top 
>followed by the a4 and then the 2.5tl.  they did not like the 5 speed 
>auto tranny on the a4, however.  in a chart they rated the cars in this 
>class that they have tested in the last year in the following order:

Think they said they didn't like the auto .. too sluggish or to that effect.
They did say it was the best Audi they had ever tested. Reccommended not
buying the auto tranny an applying the $1000 saved to the quattro option. 

Bruce Bell