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Re: quattro system?

On Feb 5, 12:18pm, Eliot Lim wrote:
> Subject: Re: quattro system?
> On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Reid Philip Meyer wrote:
> > My engineer friend (who likes to start arguments)  insists that all 4wheel
> > and All-wheel drive systems must suffer poor gas mileage.
> he is probably only familiar with f*** truck 4wd, the kind without
> a center differential.
> > With the numbers to shut
> > him up, he quickly changed his arguement to: These cars are severely under
> > powered then.
> compared to what?  there are some dogs, but then tell that to anyone
> with a turbo Q....

	Sure, but it would have been even less of a dog *without* the
	quattro system.

	Point is, adding AWD is a trade-off. Whether it's good or bad
	depends on your viewpoint: but if you add weight, either fuel
	economy or acceleration (or both!) will suffer.
> if we had good magazines, people would not be buying $40K trucks for
> the trip to the grocery store...

	They buy their SUV's because they like 'em (for whatever reason,
	media or otherwise) and they apparently suit their needs just
	fine. You could argue that we buy our Audis because the quattro-list
	has done an effective job of proselytizing us :-)


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