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Re: quattro system?

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Arun Rao wrote:

> 	Point is, adding AWD is a trade-off. Whether it's good or bad
> 	depends on your viewpoint: but if you add weight, either fuel
> 	economy or acceleration (or both!) will suffer.

180 pounds is just one extra passenger.  how much difference is there
really?  mechanical inertia is compensated for by lower tire losses.

> 	They buy their SUV's because they like 'em (for whatever reason,
> 	media or otherwise) and they apparently suit their needs just
> 	fine. You could argue that we buy our Audis because the quattro-list
> 	has done an effective job of proselytizing us :-)

audis are not morally reprehensible.  SUV's are.  sure audis cost a
lot to fix, but those who own them do it because of what the car gives

people who buy SUVs are going for it as a fashion statement.  is style
over substance an immoral concept?  i think so.

i would be far less critical if SUVs had to meet the same federal
standards of fuel economy and safety as passenger cars.  and if they
had technology that is slightly newer than 50 years old.