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3 - count them - 3, items!

> From: RickBSE@aol.com
> My dealer told me the incessant squeaking of the brakes in my 1989 100E is a
> result of the industry removing asbestos from brake pads several years ago
> and the recommended solution is to put up with it.

Try adding hi-temp lube between the pad backs and the contact points 
on the piston and caliper.  

I've subscribed to C&D since 1966.  I recall many favorable articles 
about Audi beginning with the '84 models.  The Audi was their 
standard by which they measured other cars for years.  I'm not ready 
to condemn them because they chose one or didn't choose one for a 
test.  If they like Hondas - hey, you gotta admit, Hondas run a LONG 
time with minimal maintenance.  That's what most drivers want.  We on 
this list are a special (and deeply *perverse*) group...to most 
people, the very idea of tearing apart a seat switch to replace a 
lamp would be a ridiculous notion.  I'm convinced that a major reason 
that many of the people on this list drive Audis is because they are 
*a challenge*.

> From: Jason Douglas <jdouglas@gateway.mitre.org>
> Subject: wishy washy fluid
> Regarding the recent posts on freezing washer fluid, I'm trying one from 
> Prestone.  Walmart has it for $2.77, 

My favorite washer fluid for years has been the stuff that GM dealers 
sell in 1-quart triangular bottles.  This is good stuff - the bottle 
shape goes back to the days (early '60's) when Chevys had spring 
clamps on the fender wells under the hood and you could clip the 
(then glass) triangular bottle in place for refills.  And you thought 
those days were gone....

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