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"This Too Shall Pass"

Fellow Audiphiles:

For anyone thinking that they suffer from slow acceleration.... or wish they
had more power.... you'll like this one.

On the way to work this A.M., I saw a Suzuki Sidekick with a bumper sticker
that said:

"This Too Shall Pass"

Besides the owner's philosophical thoughts that he/she will someday get a
"real" car, it is dead-on relative to its acceleration capabilities. Quite
the dual-purpose bumper sticker, eh?

Well, anyhow, I thought it was funny..... and appropriate!!


P.S. Obligatory Audi content: It had 4-wheel drive... (I know... I'm
stretching it!)

                      Jim Griffin
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         ccelerate   ntil    eath is   mminent

    "Perception is often stronger than reality!"