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Wow it's cold up here! (-13 deg. F!)

So cold that when I put the stick in neutral and let the clutch out I could
drive the car :-)  Talk about viscous!

I managed to get the car in gear, and was happily on my way to school.  I
got stuck waiting for someone to let me across the road halfway to school,
and when I was given the chance, I pulled out, and gave the car some
serious gas.  I was slammed into my seat by the acceleration(In THIRD gear
no less, tires slipped on dry pavement), and the computer's gauge read for
a second 2.2 bar, with a more sustained reading of 1.7-1.8 bar!  Why didn't
the ECU shut down the engine?  I _thought_ that the ECU shut down over 1.3
bar!  Several times during the drive I could get above 1.3 bar for a very
short time(roads here are like sphagetti - not much straight stuff), and
once I hit 1.5 bar.  What's going on?  I've had the ECU shut down once on
me(another cold day) a while ago.  Usually I can never get above 1.2 bar,
unless I'm trailering something on a highway going uphill, in which case it
tops at 1.3 bar.
I'm used to getting excellent response in the colder weather-but this was
ridiculous.  I could get almost full boost in 1/2-3/4 of a sec.  I felt
like I was driving with a 162hp normally asp. engine!

My only guesses are that -13 deg. F is below the ECU's operating specs, or
the hose to the ECU had some water or something that froze in it(Does it
get boost from that vacuum hose plugged into the pass. side unit?  Also,
where does the dash comp. display get the boost from?  The ECU?  If yes-I
guess that means something's wrong with the ECU...)

I don't think it was a instrument problem-I noticed an incredible increase
in power, and while maintaining speeds the reading was as usual.  However,
the reading did fluctuate-it followed the normal ->->-->--->------>
pattern, but when it should have maxed out at 1.2, it began to jump up and
down between varying degrees of boost.

I will see what it does tommorow-I believe it is supposed to get colder or
stay the same as today, so I'll be able to tell if it was a freak
malfuntion, or a reproduceable phenomenon.... if anybody has any comments
on this, please let me know.  I will post what happens tommorow...

Call me easy to entertain/impress, but isn't it nifty when you pull out of
an intersection and watch the guy who was behind you try to see through the
huge cloud of vapor you left around his car?  I bet he wasn't expecting fog
that day!  *-<:)

Ah, the joy of turbos! Eh eh eh!


    '87 5kCST