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Re: Audi/Volvo

In a message dated 96-02-05 13:10:41 EST, tcandey@usr.com (Todd Candey)

>Audi building the motor for the Volvo 850 

This is a Europe-only issue (at least for now).  Neither of the affected cars
is sold in the US.  The facts:

Audi is selling the 5-cylinder direct injection turbo diesel (TDI) to Volvo
for use in the 850.  Although Audi uses the engine in the longitudinal
position on the A6, Volvo turns it sideways in the 850.  There is an
interesting and timely comparison test (for those who give credence to such
things) in issue #26, 1995 of the German magazine "auto, motor und sport."
The Audi wins this comparison by a narrow margin, based on its driving
characteristics, comfort, and more cultivated operation.  They also give Audi
credit for being a bit more elevated above the masses.  Pretty subjective,

Of course, in issue #2, 1996 of the equally German magazine "Auto Zeitung,"
the matter is less clear.  They do a thre-way test among the Volvo 850 (with
Audi TDI engine), the Audi (with its own engine) and an Opel Omega (with A
BMW turbo diesel). They waffle a bit, acknowledging the better price position
of the Volvo and its standard equipment airbags. Then there is the Opel
Omega.  It offers the "most for the money", but then it's still an Opel,
isn't it?  Or does having the heart of a BMW count for anything?

Oh well, I guess you just have to form your own opinion, after seeking out
the available information.