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lojack in your S4

Congratulations on your S4 purchase!

About LoJack... I have it on my Isuzu Rodeo.  It's true that they don't have
to drill any sheetmetal.  In fact, it's discouraged as they have to make
sure that the signal isn't distorted or blocked by any metal.

LoJack installers do not allow you to look as they install the device.  They
alone know the location of the device and what it looks like.  (Actually,
I'm quite sure that some theives know what they look like also since I've
heard stories of theives returning the LoJack device to the owner of the
stolen vehicle!)  

I was curious enough about where my LoJack unit was and how it was installed
that I actually took a certain part of my truck apart to determine if I
could identify it.  (For securities sake, now my installer and I know where
it is!)  Needless to say, I found it.  I'm no Electrical Engineer, so I
wonder how tough it would be for a theif to do the same.  Still, I feel
better having it... not because I would get my truck back if it were stolen
('cause I don't think I would want it back...) but at least the police could
catch the vermin and sling his/her butt in jail.