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Re: quattro system?

> > 	They buy their SUV's because they like 'em (for whatever reason,
> > 	media or otherwise) and they apparently suit their needs just
> > 	fine. You could argue that we buy our Audis because the quattro-list
> > 	has done an effective job of proselytizing us :-)
> audis are not morally reprehensible.  SUV's are.  sure audis cost a
> lot to fix, but those who own them do it because of what the car gives
> them..
> people who buy SUVs are going for it as a fashion statement.  is style
> over substance an immoral concept?  i think so.

Baloney.  Most people buy SUV's becuase they are an attractive alternative to
the station wagon or the mini-van.  Efficient way of getting all sorts of crap
from one place to another.  There are even a slight minority of people who buy
SUV's because (all wheel drive or not) an Audi (or anything else for that
matter) simply won't go as far in the snow as an SUV will.  Try hauling a
trailer with an Audi.  That cabin in the woods off an unpaved road?  The Audi
may make it, but the suspension will probably fall off.  I love my TQ, but I'd
rather have a K-Blazer at the ski slopes.  How about the added visibility the
SUV will give you?  The feeling of safety (false or not) that they add, simply
by seeming larger than everything else?  Sure, you have to weigh in the fact
that an SUV is easier to roll, and isn't even close to being an enthusiasts
car, but most of the people (around DC anyhow) that drive SUV's are younger
families, who aren't really into the enthusiasts car thing.  I rarely see an
SUV being driven like a sports car;  Far more popular is a Caravan swerving in
& out of traffic.  Now I agree, some people do buy SUV's because they perceive
them to be a fasion statement.  Not anywhere near the amount of people who buy
Lexus' or 3 series BMW's.  Nomex on

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