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1)  Thinking of purchasing a Quattro and people tell me the 5000 is much 
more expensive to maintain than the 4000.  Is this true?  Is the 
5000's refinement worth the extra trouble/cash?

2)  Also, are turbos any problem in cold weather?  I live in VT.  Should 
a block heater be installed?  Should I just get a non-turbo?

3)  I live on 7 miles of dirt road which can become quite washboarded.  
A friend sold his Quattro because he didn't want to beat it to death 
on dirt roads.  Anyone have experience like this?

4)  At the risk of being flamed, are there any other 4wd sedan 
alternatives that are reasonably priced (no Subarus!)?  I am looking 
in the $3,500 - $5,000 range.

Barry (in VT who must sell his '69 Cougar ragtop because of child en