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Strange Water Leak

Okay all my fellow AUDI owners, I've an 86 4kCSq, which seems to now have
developed a desire to store amounts of water on the driver's side sill, both
front and back.

I've looked exhaustively for the source, but as of yet am still unaware of
its location.  The Windsreen......no leak, the door moldings look okay, I
looked underneath, but I couldn't see any damage.  I went ahead and sprayed
some undercoating just to see if that might seal an unseen leak.  Nope, the
first big rain, there was that water again.  As I live in Seattle, this could
become a bit of an annoyance.  

Does anyone out there have experience with this?  Also, where does the drain
for the sunroof go to?  I looked in my Bentley, but I couldn't find a path
for the water. 

Any suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated.

Larry Smierciak
85 4KS (Killed by an uninsured)
86 4KcsQ