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Audi Service Codes

cobram@channel1.com wrote:

>I recently bought a 1990 V8 Quattro, and at 76K miles I'm wondering
>whether the timing belt has ever been done.  The car was previously
>owned by a "high profile" executive, and I can't get any  info through
>normal channels (ie receipts, talk with previous owner etc.)  A 
>friend of mine at a local Audi dealer got me the following 
>codes when he ran them in the Audi Computer, only problem is that
>he has no idea what the codes mean.  It's had the UFO brakes changed,

Almost everytime I have bought a used Audi I have found the dealer where it
was either bought/serviced and gotten the maintenance records, including the
translation of the codes.  For some reason I have never seen a report that
shows the codes & their translations, the dealer had to manually do the
translation.  Maybe by now someone has gotten you the translation; your
other choice is to find a good Audi dealer service writer and ask them (most
know the common ones by heart).  Dealers seem to vary in their adherence to
the codes once out of warranty, but the warranty stuff is fairly well
enforced by Audi and therefore standardized.....SLM

P.S.  Sorry I don't have the belt changing code for a V8; mine was done at
an independent.