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Re: Advertising on the list

Let  me start by saying that I agree entirely with Dan, that there should be
no advertising on this list.

I think an equitable solution would be for me to remove reference to
Superchips from my sig and simply continue doing what I am doing which is to
state that Superchips has XYZ available in response to a request for an XYZ,
and only in response to a request.

Alternatively I can send this information to one of my friends on this list
and let them post it. That way I am not advertising.

Dan, I think you have to make a more accuartely defined decision as to what
is advertising. It seems the general consensus of opinion was that I was not
advertising with that post, as I intended it to be. If I hadn't replied, how
would any one on this list have known that these parts were available. It is
a specialised item which I would not advertise in a magazine, but due to the
unique technical abilities of the people on this list, they can take
advantage of it.

I assume that you have the ability to veto any posting and therefore suggest
that you reserve the right to refuse anything which may be construed as an
ad and contact the poster and explain the situation to them. Then discuss a
method, by which the information in the posting may be made available to the

No, I don't know how to do it, and I don't envy you having to make the
decision, but I think that stopping my posting would have been wrong for the
group, but then I'm biassed :)

Peter Wales