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*  Advertisements on this net have not been allowed to date, not just by Dan
S., but by coimbra et al.....  However, there are a lot of "vendors" here,
who have the freedom to private post anyone who is requesting information or
products you might have a solution for.  What you are missing (and maybe some
perusing thru some past posts might help you) is the key to the whole purpose
of the net, which would be the "satisfied" poster notifying the rest of the
list of your "great" product or service.  That is THE spirit of this group.
  So I totally disagree that you have taken proper steps here, that is to
say, not only should you delete the "superchips" signature, but also POST
only to the person who asked for the information, to post it to the rest of
the net AS A VENDOR IS ADVERTISING.....  With out question, regardless of

*  The posts on this net are objective and subjective ratings of YOUR
products, as well as a host of others, and to throw the bait via a friend is
just as much advertising as doing it yourself, cuz they are not HIS words,
they are yours......  Check achives on your competition in Spring Hill that
tried that method.  This is not a friendly place for vendors to park their
sign, you will find this to be true soon enough.

*  "If I hadn't replied, how would anyone on this list have known these parts
were available...."  It is the OPTION of the poster who asked for the
information to either pass it along with a subjective/objective evaluation of
it's benefits and/or detriments.  You were advertising that specialized part
on the net, cuz you choose not to in your magazine ads.  Technical or not,
this is not the place or the method.  Again, ck the archives, you and ALL
your competitition are here (and some you prolly didn't even know), we don't
miss anybody, just cuz they aren't subscribed.

*  Dan has become our ascribed leader in the quest for leaving Vendors on the
Vendor list , on private e-mail you can do all the ads you want.  But when
you CC: Coimbra, you have MADE an assumption that your information was wanted
by all, and in that area, there is no gray, ck the archives, the list has
held firm on the Flag waving issue, and yours is the first Blatent one in
quite some time.  

*  The vendor list is available to you, do your homework on how to get on
it....  I'm sure you will still reap all the benefits you feel subscribing to
this list will do for your business interests.  

*  We are a very easy going and generally accepting net to having another
join.  Advertisements, and you are 3 for 4 so far (we want to hear from Peter
Wales, Audi enthusiast- making the assumption you are one - not Superchips
guy - make some posts without S-word in any of it), just hit a little hard.
 If you are here only cuz you see business interest, I assure you that you
are in for a VERY rough and turbulent ride.  Try posting up knowlege of audis
other than what you SELL, that's fair courting here, stay a while, enjoy some
fun and gain some insight.....  This net is not an easy hit, please don't
treat it like one.......  

Timing really can be everything

Concerned, alas, again