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Modesty = Virtue

I read with interest the postings of Dan, PDQSHIP and Peter Wales.  I 
agree with Scott that this group is VERY sensitive to commercial 
matter.  Maybe (although I'm an academic now - altho I outgrew my 
tweed jacket...) because I sold cars while earning my master's 
degree, I might be less sensitive than others....and I like to hear 
about commercial items which are available to me.

I appreciated Scott's last paragraph, as the rest of his post seemed  
bit warm to me.  In my case, Peter's assumption that others besides 
the original poster might be interested in what he had to say was 
valid.  While participating in lists, I tend to operate on the same 
principle as I do in dealing with questions in class - I assume that 
if one person has the question, others also do but have not voiced 
it.  This is generally a safe assumption, and my interest constitutes 
evidence that it was in this case.

In fact, I excerpted Peter's message from the digest and added 
it to my personal archives in case I want to pursue the matter.  
Since my 200 is an automatic and I'm not eager to rebuild the d**n 
thing again, I am ambivalent about messing with the power...which is 
pretty darn good now!

IMO, Peter made a good faith effort to answer a question and then 
clam up.  He later responded fully and openly to some pointed 
questions about his product.  Finally, he sent another post in which 
he removed the reference to his commercial affiliation from his SIG 
line.  I personally found his postings appropriate and helpful.

I agree with Scott in this respect - we can benefit from Peter's 
personal knowledge of Audis, and I hope he shares that 
general knowledge.  To this point, however, I find nothing 
objectionable in his comments.  Even if I'm a committee of 
one, I'm happy with the situation.  I suspect this discussion has
given the good Mr. Wales and others with business interests food for 

Enough bandwidth............

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