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Help with insurance compnay?

Hi guys,

I've been the proud owner of my '83 TQC for eight whole days now.  I 
paid $8,500 for it and believe I got a fair deal for a clean, rare 
car with 77K miles.  Unfortunately, my insurance company refuses to 
value it at more than "halfway between wholesale and retail blue 
book", ergo $6,525.  I honestly believe the car is worth what I paid 
for it and would like to provide evidence of such to the insurance 
company.  Is there any source of current market information such as, 
number of these cars remaining, and recent sales prices to cast doubt 
on the "blue book" value?
While I fervently hope that I NEVER have to submit a claim for the 
demise of my wonderful car, neither do I relish the thought of losing 
big bucks if someone slams into me tomorrow!

thanks for your help,

Lori Schneider