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Re: Netiquette

>... here we go again ... :(
>This my first post on this subject to the q-list this time around, 
>I will try to make it my last.
>I am disappointed by this response to a truly informative post.  I 
>might agree about the posting of the WG spring availability as being
>advertising, but if it is for a part that is not listed in the catalog,
>I would like to know about it.  I know that I posted a request for similar 
>information some time ago, but it must have been at a time when Mr. Wales 
>was not subscribed, because I got no response at that time ... so far I 
>got a spring from Charlie Smith (which must have been meant to be an 
>improvement for the 5kTs, because I found it to be quite similar to the 
>one that was originally in my QTC) ... I digress ...
>The point that I wanted to make is the fact that Mr. Wales did post 
>information that I could make use of without purchasing anything from
>him.  He said that their experience showed that a 50% increase in boost
>seemed to be a good and safe level.  Now I can go off on my own and try 
>that in my car, and [as long as I believe that I can trust Mr. Wales] 
>feel relatively safe that my car isn't going to blow up.  Most all of us 
>are amateurs, and even when we work together it is difficult to come up 
>with a test sample that numbers a handful; if we can find people who are 
>vendors who are willing to talk to us and share information we have a 
>source that can have a larger sample and more experience.  He did also
>give us some of the detailed information about what really is done when 
>someone purchases an upgrade from his company.  I think this information 
>is useful to help us decide for ourselves if we are getting our money's 
>worth.  BTW, I also subscribe to the DIY-EFI list, and I have seen inform-
>ative posts from Mr. Wales on that list as well, with little, if any, market-
>ing other than the sig (which he deleted for us).  From this I infer that 
>Mr. Wales is likely to be someone who is very interested in improving the 
>power output of automotive engines and has decided to make a business of 
>it.  It is my opinion that flaming folks like Mr. Wales away will do the 
>list more of a disservice than allowing him to post REAL & USEFUL INFORMA-
>TION on the quattro list.  His posts do seem to be welcomed on the DIY-EFI 
>list too.  He doesn't even attempt to copyright things that he has para-
>phrased from Audi documentation ... ooops, digressing again.
>I know that the last paragraph makes me sound like one of Mr. Wales 
>"friends" ... I have never met him, nor have I purchased any of his products.
>I did peruse the archives to see what was written by and about Superchips in 
>the past, and as far as I can determine things have been pretty positive.  
>It certainly appears to me that the company is trying to provide some value 
>for the price that is paid, not simply to make a quick buck as others would; 
>and recently I've seen direct evidence that the company supports their pro-
>duct (very close if not) to the point of going beyond the call of duty.  
>There are other vendors that are providing a real service to the list
>with their presence.  I apologize for not remembering the name, but 
>there is someone at "selectra" who provided key information to getting
>Bob Myers' speedometer fixed based on their experience with 200s.  I 
>wouldn't be surprised to find that we have managed to dissuade other 
>vendors from subscribing and attempting to be of service to the list.
>Perhaps we can make regular automated postings to the list [as is done on 
>other majordomo lists to which I subscribe] where once a month a message 
>is posted to the list indicating the unsubscription procedure as well as
>standard policies for the list (e.g. vendors can feel free to provide 
>parts/services offered & e-mail address info to Dan to be included with the 
>vendors list, but all postings of such info to the quattro list are not
>allowed).  I noticed that there is only one vendor in the list that even 
>mentions an e-mail address.  Perhaps we can add an item in the web page 
>which allows vendors to add links to their home pages too.  
>Finally, it is still true that Dan did allow the post to the list.  What
>more is there to say?
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)

I have to agree with Steve (okay, I'm steve2) about this.  It seems that we
have had a little over-reaction because of some of the past excursions into
advertising which we have all, expecially s2, learned from.  My reaction is
that Mr. Wales provided worthwhile information that I am glad to have that
I might not know to request and certainly did not in this instance.  My
real problem with the post was, quite simply, the Superchips signature.  As
Dan said, and Mr. Wales agreed, it's gotta go!  From that post, however,
anyone who wants more info can contact Mr. Wales directly.  As long as the
list isn't subjected to repeated pitches on the same subject, I think we're
fine.  Of course, this is only my opinion, but as Steve1 says, Dan did
allow the post to the list.

Also, I may be BIASED, but flames off on the typo.  There are enough posts
of questionable worth loading up the list at the present and that string
hasn't been up to the usual caliber of flaming entertainment.  



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