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Re: debate on the list

Hairy green toads from Mars made Eliot Lim say:

> ok, so the subject of advertising on the list has been beaten to death.
> it now also seems that using the list to debate and discuss design issues
> of Qs vs. others or magazines that cover Qs is becoming increasingly
> unacceptable, or perhaps it's just my style... 
> let's have a discussion here about this.  if everyone wants to make this a
> list solely for the purpose of discussing how to fix little problems (or
> how to purchase an a4 for as little $$$ as possible) i have little
> interest in continuing to subscribe.  my interest in cars have always been
> beyond the ownership day to day issues. 

I like the list the way it is. There is a wide range of topics,
and I never know what might interest me at any given time.

Mostly, I share tips and repair techniques. Sometimes, I send in
driving impressions. I like to read trip reports (thanks, PDQSHIP!).

If a discussion bores me, I delete it. Easy as that.

Where'd I leave that Nomex suit?


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