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RE: debate on the list

As an observer of human interactions and behaviors, I'm not at all surprised 
people should hold extremely variant opinions about any subject - in this 
case the question seems to be "How should the list be used?"  Think about 
it! This list  serves a variety of emotional, financial, automotive, 
educational, social,  technical interchange (and a host of other) needs.

One individual may extract information here meeting one specific set of 
personal needs, while another person gets an  entirely different (though 
equally valid) set of needs satisfied. I submit to you that neither of these 
approaches is inherently 'bad' or of no redeeming value. Ultimately, both 
parties have their specific need met. All parties are happy.

So, why seek to place arbitrary limitations on something that by its very 
nature is
nearly limitless in the significance that the individual adherents will 
derive out of it.

I personally read most of  the threads appearing here, though rarely will I 
respond. As
an owner of a vehicle that definitely is not in the limelight ('79 5ks - my 
pet project), I suppose I could easily decide "Oh this isn't serving my 
needs", but factually, most of  the discussions as well as the information 
exchange are very interesting to me.

I believe the larger majority of people participating here can decide for 
themselves how to respond to marketing/advertising/sales appeals.  We are 
solicited in a hundred different ways to buy from 'whoever'. Do we buy just 
because a solicitation was made? I don't!! So, why should I be offended if 
occasionally something appears to be an attempt to sell.

In summary, don't close any doors needlessly.

Michael R. Sumbry
"I'd rather be flying"
From: quattro-owner
To: quattro mailing list
Subject: debate on the list
Date: Wednesday, February 07, 1996 07:46

ok, so the subject of advertising on the list has been beaten to death.

it now also seems that using the list to debate and discuss design issues
of Qs vs. others or magazines that cover Qs is becoming increasingly
unacceptable, or perhaps it's just my style...

let's have a discussion here about this.  if everyone wants to make this a
list solely for the purpose of discussing how to fix little problems (or
how to purchase an a4 for as little $$$ as possible) i have little
interest in continuing to subscribe.  my interest in cars have always been
beyond the ownership day to day issues.

i can take the heat that my comments generate, but i don't want to be
accused of bringing up inappropriate subjects.  i can always find
other places to debate my ideas..