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Re: GE Bumper to Bumper warranties

Also, that seems pretty expensive. I talked to somebody at an Audi 
dealership up in Ferndale/Everett here in WA about an S4 and got some 
warranty information - I seem to remember around $1,000 for a 3/36 
bumper-to-bumper (YMMV on that term). If you're interested, I'll find 
the information again.
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, wa

| From: Andrew Duane USG/PE  <duane@zk3.dec.com>
| To:  <Nivi@aol.com>
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| Subject: Re: GE Bumper to Bumper warranties
| Date: Wednesday, February 07, 1996 1:02PM
| Hairy green toads from Mars made Nivi@aol.com say:
| >
| > As I'm still awaiting the delivery date on the S4, I wanted to find out if
| > anyone has had experience with GE's Bumper to Bumper Platinum protection.
| >
| > The policy I'm considering is a 75,000mi/3yr. warranty on the S4 
which has 3
| > months and 9,000mi of factory warranty left...
| >
| > The dealer wants $ 1,734.00 for it - does anyone have any advice? 
The policy
| > does NOT cover brakes, refrigerants, normal maintenance items 
(belts, plugs,
| > brakes, clutch), glass, lighting equip, batteries...
| Is this the "normal" Audi Used Car Warranty? My general advice
| is to avoid these like the plague. They are like gambling in a
| casino; you might hit it big, but mostly the odds are 5% or so
| in the houses favor.
| As for Audi Warranty, it's junk. They say "covers the engine", but
| if you look at the fine print, it covers pistons, crankshaft, block,
| etc. It does not cover valves, rings, seals, or anything else likely
| to go. Virtually every one of my claims was denied (not that I had
| many).
| What I ask the salesslime trying to sell me the warranty is:
| 	"So, you think it's likely this will need $1734 in
| 	 repairs in the next three years? Sounds like it is
| 	 too unreliable to buy"
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