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Re: Pumps and Racks...

>I'll second that motion.  The rack in my (now her) '84 5kS leaked slowly for
>quite some time (several years.)  Then one year it got worse & worse, 'till
>finally gave up.  I drove it from State College, PA to Vermont for a PSIA
>(Professional Ski Instructors of America) conference, and half way there I 
>had to pull over & fill up with Pentosin.  The light started flashing again 
>when I was almost at the resort, so while at Mt. Snow I filled her up with 
>what I had left.  On the trip home, the light started flashing half-way 
>through the trip,so I just left it alone & didn't do anything.  About an
>from SC the car started making all kinds of racket, turned out to be the 
>hydraulic pump.  Car had run completely out of Pentosin & burned the 
>pump out.  Mr. MacGuyver knife took care of the belt, no more racket,
>and the car stayed that way for anothertwo years 'till I replaced>
>everything & gave it to Ann.

My dad was once driving to somewhere in Indiana (The Middle of Nowhere??) 
with no extra green stuff in his 84 5K and "of course" needed to top it 
off.... So he added some Castrol Lma brake fluid, Just enough to bring 
the resivor up to the min line and to this day that damn rack and pump 
have NEVER leaked again...... Pumps a little noisy at idle but no leaks.


Eric Fletcher