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Xtended Warranty

FWIW, I purchased my 90 coupe from the original owner with only 27K on it about
a year ago. He had bought it with a transferable extended warranty (not sure
what he paid). 7 years or 70K. I'm having a new rear wiper/stock switch
installed next week and all $340 (ouch!) of it is covered under warranty
(except $35 deduct.). Pretty good deal. I paid a little more for the car but
the warranty is already starting to pay off.

A couple things to keep in mind:
- Negotiate the price. Dealers mark up on "Extended Warranties" is high.
- Find out if you can purchase the EW after the factory warranty expires. I had
  this opption when I bought my GTI and Corrado. No sense in double coverage.
- Make sure it's transferable. Will help in the resale value of the car.

Good luck, hope this helps.

90 CQ 39K
90 FZR1000

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