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Re: Lowering 1993 S4

>I am a new member of the quattro list in need of some suspension advice. The
>S4 needs to be lowered as I will be installing 225/45ZR17 wheels shortly. I
>would prefer to just replace the OEM springs and leave the OEM shocks on the
>car. Sachs and Eibach both have progressive spring kits for the car and I
>would consider these or other brands. 

First a question, Just cause your going with the 225/45-17's why do you 
have to lower the car?? (Asked the Suspension engineer)

>Q. Are there any major considerations in changing just the springs and which
>spring kit would work the best with the OEM shocks. The car is a daily
>with no track or slalom time. I would like to keep the ride as close to
>as possible while lowering the car approximately 1".

Okay several things.  

It's always a REAL bad Idea to change the spring rates and leave the 
damper (Shock/strut) rates alone.  Nope would'nt be prudent. When you 
lower the car you reduce suspension travel, requiring you to increase the 
spring rate to keep the car off of the bump stops. Now your going to 
reduce the effective travel of the suspension by 25% in the front and 35% 
in the rear, meaning you have to increase the spring rates by at least 
that much.  Keeping the OE dampers mean's that you will have PLENTY of 
residuial bouncing and instability  after every bump. You said that you 
wanted to keep the ride close to stock........ AND your reducing the 
sidewall's on the tires.........  Don't think, No, I know it's not going 
to happen.  If you really want to lower the car get a complete kit 
otherwise skip it.  You might want to drive the car after you get the new 
wheels/Tires and see how it feels, and then decide if you really want to 
stiffin it up any more by lowering it.

Just my Buck and a half.....


Eric Fletcher