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Re: Differential Locking

In a message dated 96-02-08 08:14:54 EST, you write:

>True... BUT (Always a but, right?)
>having the center diff locked on a really low HP car (Or should I say, in 
>the usable range of the engine..) like my 90Q 20V at an autocross, is a 
>real mess. This is NOT what you want to do. Im not saying the 90Q 20V is 
>low HP, but in an autoX you never get on cam, so...

My thinking is that in an autocross, the understeer would be too much for the
tight turns, and with little power available in that NA car, I have no doubt
that you would run open.  In all the autox I've run, never (even in rain)
used the diffs locked......   In fact I don't during dry track events either,
so specifically my post refers to low traction conditions bob...
>With a high HP car like the TQC, the center diff makes for nice throttle 
>steering on dry at medium speeds.  The 4K we TSD last weekend had the 
>center locked because we were on snow and ice, and again, low HP. It made 
>for great pendulum turns in the snow, and were able to keep up your CAS 

Sure....   A racing view of LOW TRACTION CONDITIONS (snow, ice, mud, dirt vs
dry pavement) was the title of the post, Bob.  No disagreement with your
butts....   </:~)_?