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Re: Interior light in trunk

>This is probably an electronics 101 question, but my interior trunk lights
>has not worked in quite a while, no problem I'll get a new bulb.  Well, last
>night as I am  unloading the trunk from a Walmart run, the light comes on.  I
>poped the plastic cover, pulled it out and it flickered as I pulled it, and
>went out completely.  I went to put it back in and when the metal connection
>on the bulb touched the metal frame of the car, the light came on.

It sounds to me like the ground side of the socket is open.  When you
accidentally shorted it to the car frame (ground) you bypassed the problem.
Trace the wiring back to the proper ground.

>Is this a
>short of some type?  If so, what can one do to fix it.  FYI, I pulled off the
>connections and put them back on and they were clean on snugly on there.
>89 200tq

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL