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Ignition Switch Module Replacement '83 QTC

> I would *really* appreciate the info on how to change that ignition switch!
> The switch in my '84 4KQ is getting flakey. I took the plastic apart, but
> could not see how to get into the metal enclosure. Bentley is no help on this
> one either......
YUP!  Bentley definitely missed it there.  I got a clue from the microfiche, 
but it still took some further investigation ... I don't have a lot of time, 
but let me give you the basics.  The column lock mechanism slides off the 
steering column.  This means that the process involves removing the steering 
wheel and the column switches (3 screws).  You then need to remove the plas-
tic shroud around the exposed portion of the column (I found I had to remove 
the lower dash panel and remove a bolt that attaches the column to the body 
of the car.  Then you need to remove a pressed-on ring on the steering col-
umn that holds the spring that pushes the steering wheel toward the driver.
At this point the spring will fly in your face and the column will slide into 
the dash :), but you can now loosen the column lock mechanism.  The mechanism 
is held in place by a single bolt (with 6mm allen head).  If you look at the 
plastic column shroud before you disassemble everything you will see a hole 
in the bottom at the location of this bolt (probably to allow for adjust-
ment).  After the bolt is fully removed you should notice that the column 
lock can slide back and forth somewhat on the column.  I used a mallet on 
the column to disengage the column from the lock and then the lock mechanism 
simply slides right off.  Once you have the lock mechanism off it is pretty 
obvious how the ignition switch module is replaced.  It is held in place by 
a single screw.  The only thing I found difficult during assembly was the 
reinstallation of the locking ring that holds the spring that pushes the 
column toward the driver.  I used the steering wheel and the nut that hold 
the wheel on as a press ... 

... well, it looks like I must have had time after all!  I hope this helps,
and feel free to let me know if you have any questions about my description.

Good luck!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)