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Door Handles

I just joined this list yesterday and i'm sure there have been extensive 
door handle discussions in the past, so please bear with me.  I live in 
NH and go to school in worcester MA.  Whenever the temp gets well below 
freezing my door handles do weird things.  I can usually get in from the 
outside if i'm careful with the handles so as not to break them.  
However, the inside door handles in the front won't work.  They move, but 
something doesn't catch or something. I end up having to open the window 
and letting myself out from the outside.  As soon as the temp rises 
again, they work fine.  Is there anything i can do to fix this?

Also, i have had two different outer handles snap.  I have been getting 
used parts from a junkyard and changing the lock cylinders myself.  
Does anyone else have any better ideas on how to replace/repair them for 
				 85 5ks