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Comparo vs Tars

In a message dated 96-02-08 12:08:10 EST, you write:

>BTW, these BS's are *soft*, like race tires almost. You could get a set of
>used BS's, shave 'em and use them as winter race tires. :)
>Just my $.02 worth, YMMV

No disagreement with the last statement, but having a set of conti snows for
exactly one season, you really can't make a fair comparo either, studs or
no.....  I do understand that and posted that the BX tires may not have been
in their best environment, which by definition of a hydrophillic tire, would
be in the wet freezing stuff (30-40)not the very cold dry stuff (like -12 to
-20), but I'm still a believer that the major differential could be made up
easily in the head of the driver, not just the design of the tire.....  I saw
people who live in these conditions more than I, make several BASIC driver
errors for maximum traction, running WITH BX tires......   Again, I attribute
that to education of driving, and less to the BX vs whatever comparo.....

So, is the BX the ace in the hole that they attest, not so sure that's true
in the conditions I abused them at......   Are they the Ace in the slushy
stuff.....   Maybe, but errors are errors when driving.....   Steamboat
Springs Driving School should be on everyones list of places to go to
UNDERSTAND what driving IS in extreme conditions, q or non q, I believe in
it's existence.....   The fact they are sponsored by BX doesn't mean that one
must have them to get your head and feet and hands to do the RIGHT things in
low traction, WOQ....   I had too many ex-snow folks claim that my
disatisfaction with the 210's would be evident by the end of the weekend,
sorry, it just didn't happen.....   Maybe next year some warmer temps might
change that.....  Hope to see more of the net-q crowd there next year......
 a real comparo might be in order then.....