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Re: Differential Locking vs Driving style

In a message dated 96-02-08 12:16:33 EST, you write:

.......  Coming from a prorally background, as well as road racing, 
can share this:  If you NEED to lock the diffs on a 4kq or a urq on a 
dry track, some serious looking at the chassis might be in order.  
Specifically, SPRING height, Spring weight,roll angle, ackermann 
effect, Chassis dynamics, and driving style.... 

My mechanic at Auto Assets is looking at it right now.  I know my car 
has a weight balance problem and worn springs and bushings.  I did not 
fix these problems last year when I found out that I could not go to 
the nationals.  This year it will be done.

.  If you are doing it any differently, a couple of rides with Eric 
might be in order......

Did Eric make this offer?!  I would jump at the opportunity to ride 
with hime.  Where?  When?

Steve Verona