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Re: Differential Locking - a Racing View of low traction conditions

>i had loads of fun playing with the v8 in the snow/ice with my
>worn and gripless dunlops...  i found that the v8 behaves more
>like a rwd car than any other Q that i have driven... i'll
>wager that the rear torsen deserves the credit for this..
>tail out powerslides are a piece of cake, and quite enjoyable.
>the turn in understeer is also easy to cure with a dab of left
>foot braking, which would then push the tail out....  hee hee hee..
>i was even able to pivot the car on its front wheels and get the
>rear to swing around to do a 180!!

What you describe is *exactly* the effect I get by locking only the rear
diff on the older Qs that have the 100% lockable rear diff. RWD behaviour
with AWD forward traction & braking, the best o' both worlds!