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Re: Differential Locking vs Driving style

>You can also play with aligment and get real creative here, Ever really 
>closely look at a tie rod.......

BTDT2, SCCA already thought of that 2, alingment must be within factory

>>>A properly suspended quattro, should not LIFT it's inside wheel, which is
>>>only reason you need to lock the rear diff......
>>Lift never, spin *yes*. However, I believe that with the rear diff locked 
>Bzzztttttt..... (Got to use my Buzzer!) In order to spin a inside wheel 
>your unloading it.......

BZZtttttttt yourself!  :)  Lifting and unloading are 2 different things.
Quattros unload, Vdubs lift.

>By definition a Locked rear diff (AKA Spool) WILL Cause understeer, 
>Unless your playing with stagger.... If your killing understeer with 
>Power on the exit sounds like you need to work on your driving style, or 
>your setup.

No doubt my driving style is not optimum, but then I'm out here to have FUN,
not chasing $$$ or trophies. (I'll take 'em when I kin git em!)

>Let's see I did a few Auto-X's in my region this year and I NEVER ran 
>with a locked rear, In fact I never locked the center diff either, and I 
>always went home with the trophy....  And in the IMSA and Trans-am stuff 
>the most lockup that we ever ran was 60% otherwise the sucker would push 
>like a bitch on exit.  In Auto-X'ing the most rear lock up that I ran was 
>50% and I never fuzzed a tire..... And won.......

Bethca couldah chopped off 1/2 - 1 sec, but, then again, your not running an
HS 4KQ, apples & basketballs again.....
>Scott and I have run at a buch of events toghter, Both of us always run 
>with open diffs and we have yet to fuzz tires.... And we ain't doing 
>parade laps here, We run hard, Ask anyone whose rode with us.  We can do 
>it because we have a decent set-up on the car and we understand why 
>things happen in the cars.  Remember I also usually run at these events 
>on Dunlop D60M2's and I still run away and hide from cars with BFG 
>R1's......  Setup both on the car and in the head are the key.

Yeah, but, you couldn't run in SCCA Solo II Stock Class with those
specifically prohibited mods...
>Get out to a track event that I'm teaching at....

Where? When? How much?

>No it's not but the Physics are the same........

Yeah, sort of - there are serious differences due to speed and the relative
tightness of auto-x courses Vs road courses.