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Re: Differential Locking vs Driving style

>>You can also play with aligment and get real creative here, Ever really 
>>closely look at a tie rod.......
>BTDT2, SCCA already thought of that 2, alingment must be within factory

Think you might want to reread the rules......

>>>>A properly suspended quattro, should not LIFT it's inside wheel, which is
>>>>only reason you need to lock the rear diff......
>>>Lift never, spin *yes*. However, I believe that with the rear diff locked 
>>Bzzztttttt..... (Got to use my Buzzer!) In order to spin a inside wheel 
>>your unloading it.......
>BZZtttttttt yourself!  :)  Lifting and unloading are 2 different things.
>Quattros unload, Vdubs lift.

Sorry but when you unload a wheel enough to spin it it might as well be 
off the ground....

>>By definition a Locked rear diff (AKA Spool) WILL Cause understeer, 
>>Unless your playing with stagger.... If your killing understeer with 
>>Power on the exit sounds like you need to work on your driving style, or 
>>your setup.
>No doubt my driving style is not optimum, but then I'm out here to have FUN,
>not chasing $$$ or trophies. (I'll take 'em when I kin git em!)
>>Let's see I did a few Auto-X's in my region this year and I NEVER ran 
>>with a locked rear, In fact I never locked the center diff either, and I 
>>always went home with the trophy....  And in the IMSA and Trans-am stuff 
>>the most lockup that we ever ran was 60% otherwise the sucker would push 
>>like a bitch on exit.  In Auto-X'ing the most rear lock up that I ran was 
>>50% and I never fuzzed a tire..... And won.......
>Bethca couldah chopped off 1/2 - 1 sec, but, then again, your not running an
>HS 4KQ, apples & basketballs again.....

Nope always did at least 2 fun runs to check on that, Times Always 
increased at least 1 -1.5 secs.
>>Scott and I have run at a buch of events toghter, Both of us always run 
>>with open diffs and we have yet to fuzz tires.... And we ain't doing 
>>parade laps here, We run hard, Ask anyone whose rode with us.  We can do 
>>it because we have a decent set-up on the car and we understand why 
>>things happen in the cars.  Remember I also usually run at these events 
>>on Dunlop D60M2's and I still run away and hide from cars with BFG 
>>R1's......  Setup both on the car and in the head are the key.
>Yeah, but, you couldn't run in SCCA Solo II Stock Class with those
>specifically prohibited mods...

Never Said I wanted to run in Stock Class so it really does'nt 
matter.....  The point is Get your head screwed on straight first then 
get the car setup CORRECTLY and you will run faster Unlock than Locked.  
Physics does'nt change just cause you can lock the diffs......
>>Get out to a track event that I'm teaching at....
>Where? When? How much?

Just Check out the Q-club Newsletter.


Eric Fletcher