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Re: Studleeness

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, Robert Myers wrote:

> Hey Y'all,
> There is at least one other disadvantage to driving with studs which I 
> have not seen mentioned here.
> Studs, on dry roads (as they are in my area much of the time), give much 
> the same feel as driving on sand or grit.  They give the feeling of 
> *LESS* traction on dry roads.  Imagine the feeling of driving on ball 
> bearings.  :-(

I actually find this and advantage on my Jetta, which doesn't have power 
steering.  I'm not too fond of the heavy feeling of the steering, 
especially in parking lots at low speeds.  With the studs, I loose some 
cornering stability (that ball bearing effect), but the steering is a 
little lighter, but not too much.