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Re: Lights out

> Yahoo!  It makes me feel like something right out of the Dukes of Hazard.
> :-)  Or is it the Grapes of Wrath?

FYI, back in 1991, a friend of mine drove the last 550 miles home from the
Solo II Nationals with the Beretta GTZ on his trailer running at idle with
two sets of jumper cables hooked end-to-end then run through the inside of
his station wagon and a grommet on the firewall to charge his dead battery
... he would have stopped but since he was in the middle of nowhere and it
was after midnight, he decided to press on.  It worked like a charm except
the time when he went over a nasty railroad crossing and two of the cables
came into contact with the body and made a nice bright spark!

BTW, I'm surprised you made it only 11.4 miles ... I'll bet you tossed the
belt earlier and actually covered quite a bit more distance.  Of course, I
shouldn't overlook the fact that this is an *Audi* electrical system we're
talking about...  ;^)

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