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Re: Car & Driver wagon review--more power needed!!

bhp/litre	maker
57.7		Audi V6 2.6

61.6		MB V8 5.0
62.1		Audi V6 2.8
62.2		Audi V8 3.7
68.0		MB V6 2.0
68.1		MB V8 4.2
68.2		MB V6 2.2
68.8		MB V6 3.2
68.9		Audi V6 2.8 5-valve
68.9		BMW V6 2.8

70.4		MB V6 2.8
71.2		Audi V8 4.2
71.5		BMW V8 4.0
72.6		BMW V8 3.0
73.9		BMW V6 2.3
76.8		BMW V6 2.5

86.8		Cosworth V6 2.5 (1993)

My! Isn't it interesting? Let's face it, MB V8 5.0 is hoplessly old 
(intro'd in '90 in 500SL). That aside, I must say the Audi V8 4.2 is in 
"world class" (whatever world class means). But Audi's 5-valve just made 
in in par with "other two's" V6 2.8 -- totally dissapointing knowing Audi 
used 5-valve to let its V6 2.8 engine to breathe.

Of course, bhp is not the whole picture for an engine -- torque plays most 
of the picture. But by briefly looking at bhp/litre efficiency, why are 
Audi's more popular engines at the bottom? Oh well.


don't forget that the audi 5 valve v6 is "pegged" to 193hp due to the
german tax laws.  just as the mb 2.8 and bmw 2.8 in-line 6's are.

much more interesting is the torque curve of the 5 valve.  it's spread
over 3,000 rpm is better than the 2valve motor's peak!

and the bmw 6's are all in-line.

can't wait to try the motor to see if it's as good as leonard setright said
it was in "car".