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RE: Canada Re: Whoa! (The Cold War Continues.)

>I agree that block heaters should only be used when needed, as Patrick
>stated.  But I disagree that they are a necessity.  I run Slick 50 for
>synthetic, 5-30 synthetic oil, triple electrode plugs, 1000 CCA battery,
>and 75 synthentic gear oil, with the slick 50 gear oil additive. I also,
>very carefully mix my anti-freeze for top protection.  I figure if I'm
>stupid enough to live here I may as well have a vehicle that starts.
I was the one who actually stated heaters should be used for a short period
of time-but who cares.  Didn't someone say that Slick-50 was
worthless/dangerous in your engine?  Or am I remembering something else?