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Re: Lock De-icers...

>Yes! My '84 4KQ has built-in lock de-icers. I keep one of those miniature
>bottles of lock de-icer inside the fool filler door..... (fix it in hardware)

Good idea, pocket sounded better, but I was still thinking of something
that would take me a few weeks to build, waste plenty of time, and, well,
just be totally excessive.  Do you think I might be able to get a
replacement deicing mech. from audi/junkyard/whatever, and modify/install
it?  If anybody's actually taken their handle/mechanism off and could
describe the deicer(I assume it's just a resistive heating element?)
Description of its packaging and if/how it disassembles would be greatly
appreciated for this excessive project...

Another excessive project I'm working on:  Installing an IBM PS/2 286
desktop into a friend's toyota pickup truck.  We're at a halt right now
trying to figure out how to get the -5V needed by something on the
motherboard...we need an (inductive?) inverter to produce the negative
voltage?  Comments on this would be helpful too!  Otherwise, we've almost
finished working on the power supply mod to run off 12v(we're basically
taking out the old pwrsupply "guts" and using the fan/supply case to
house+cool the +5 and +12 regulators.  Unfortunately, the +5v regs I have
can only put out 1.5a, so I'm trying to find a DC-DC converter that can
supply around 5a, maybe as much as 10a(we could get around it by using a
seperate reg for each device and each +5v feed to the motherboard, but we
think that they're interconnected and all suply the same parts, which would
cause the regulators to react to each other and bad things would happen, or
maybe not-comments on this completely off-Audi-subject thing would also be

I know, I know, should go in comp.hardware or something, but at least you
people won't laugh _too_ much. :()
You can check out my extremely excessive web page at
http://www.tiac/net/users/brettd, but be prepared for total randomness and
excessiveness, as well as random mumblings about my car...


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