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RE: Canada Re: Whoa! (The Cold War Continues.)

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, Brett Dikeman wrote:

> >I agree that block heaters should only be used when needed, as Patrick
> >stated.  But I disagree that they are a necessity.  
> I was the one who actually stated heaters should be used for a short period
> of time-but who cares.  Didn't someone say that Slick-50 was
> worthless/dangerous in your engine?  Or am I remembering something else?
> Brett

Sorry Brett, didn't mean to offend. 

I had heard good things, some not-so, on the Slick-50 thing.  But I
thought I'd try it anyway, I was looking for the cold engine start
protection. If anyone has any info on it I'd like to hear it. Thanks. 
Bill Holecek (4ksq)

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