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V8Q brakes

Well, since the discussion last month about the surging problems 
that V8's experience, the 90K service was performed on my car and 
the surging is still present.  Since the Ox sensor was not replaced, 
I have ordered the sensor and expect it to be installed next week.  
I will keep those who are interested informed as to the success of 
this repair, for my car.

Now to the latest repair.  The dealership noted that the front pads 
are near the end of the line and estimated a $600 repair(pads and 
turn rotors).  Since my car has the converted rotors, this seems a 
bit high.  Are there any suggestions for getting reasonably priced 
replacement pads?  Also, one place that I have called said that 
there were two types of replacement brakes fitted to the V8 and that 
they would need the specific part number to price out the pads.  I 
don't know, but that sounds inefficient to do that unless they made 
yet another improvment to the brakes!?

Also, found a place that can sell the oil filters for "only" $19.95.  
That sounds pretty good compared to the $37 the dealer charges.


Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro