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Painted door handles

        On my '90 100 Q, which is a sort of metallic light blue (glacier
blue or something..I do not believe it is lago blue..? maybe.), and the door
handles are the same color as the rest of the car. I think it looks pretty
good - but have they been painted to match? A dealer looked at my car once,
and believed that it had been repainted. 
        I was looking at an '89 200 TQ ( pearl white ) and a '91 200TQ 
(red), a '91 200 TQ (pearl), and NONE of these had matching door handles -
they were all black. I do not recall if the V8 I am looking at has black or
red handles (the car is red).

    So my question is, does Audi match the door handles, or has my car just
been repainted? Or maybe just the door handles.. I think that it looks
great, and the plain black handles are sort of lacking in the class department.