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Another 20V Q question...

 Thanx for the post on the 20V Q sedan, I have one more question. Didn't they
(90-91 20V Q *sedan*) come stock with the speed line 3 piece wheels? same as
the 90-91 coupes?
 Also, just want to say, I think this list is great! It's the diversity of us
Q' heads that keeps it interesting and fun. From the threads on C&D or R&T
(the A6 *is* slow) or why I hate trucks, to the "how do I fix it'" and
technical questions. *Everyones* input is important and appreciated. We're (I
feel) very lucky to have access to all this knowledge, etc., oppinions and

Take care,

90 90CQ (w/ new 17" AZEV wheels:)
90 FZR1000

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